Echo Solar Hybrid

Solar electricity plus solar hot water in one integrated solar solution.

Echo Solar Hybrid is the ultimate solar solution for homeowners that want it all. Now you can generate both solar electricity and solar hot water, reducing your need for energy even further to save you more money. Solar doesn't get any better.

Total utility savings1

Echo may save you $5331 in the very first year, and $37,6001 over 25 years. Plus, you may enjoy a substantial increase in the resale value of your home – an estimated $38,5002. That's the power of Echo. See below for an actual lease3 proposal with these potential savings for a family in Buena Park, CA.

1. The savings shown are from an actual proposal. They are an estimate and do not guarantee actual system production or savings. Actual system production and savings will vary based on the final system size, design, configuration, utility rates, applicable rebates, your ability to realize tax benefits, and your family's energy usage. The savings calculations are based on these assumptions: (a) an annual utility rate escalator of 4% was applied to the current utility bill through the next 25 years, (b) you will purchase the system at the end of the lease term for $5,321 and will continue to save on what would have been your utility bill for an additional five (5) years beyond the lease term, (c) the maintenance and operating costs for the system from years twenty (20) to twenty five (25) are $2,115 which covers replacing and installing a new water tank and inverter.

2. The increase in the re-sale value of your home is a calculation which estimates the effect of purchasing an Echo solar hybrid system. The calculation is performed by 1) estimating the total solar thermal plus solar electric peak power output of the system, which is the sum of a) the electric STC DC rating of the system and b) the solar thermal peak power output of the system in watt peaks multiplied by the ratio of the average (state) cost of natural gas/average (state) cost of electricity, and 2) multiplying this value by $5.5/wp. The $5.5/watt peak multiplier is based on a Berkeley National Laboratory Report (LBNL-4476E), "An Analysis of the Effects of Residential Photovoltaic Energy Systems on Home Sales Prices in California", April 2011, which found that "… an average home sales price premium of $5.5/watt (DC)".

3. This is a lease. There is no initial payment or security deposit required before consummation of the lease or delivery of the system. For this lease you will have a monthly payment of $152.74 in year 1 (first payment may be a larger amount to include a fractional first month), $157.17 in year 2, $161.73 in year 3, $166.42 year 4, $171.24 in year 5, $176.21 in year 6, $181.32 in year 7, $186.58 in year 8, $191.99 in year 9, $197.56 in year 10, $203.29 in year 11, $209.18 in year 12, $215.25 in year 13, $221.49 in year 14, $227.91 in year 15, $234.52 in year 16, $241.32 in year 17, $248.32 in year 18, $255.52 in year 19, $262.93 in year 20 (last payment may be a smaller amount due to a fractional last month). Each of these lease payments includes an estimated sales/use tax of 8.25%. If the sales tax rate changes, then these payments will change. The first lease payment is due on the first of the month after the system is connected. Each subsequent lease payment is due on the first of each subsequent month. This example is based on the system in this proposal. Your terms may differ based on the system you choose. This example assumes you enroll in an automatic debit payment plan which decreases your lease contract payment by $15 per month.

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A complete solar energy solution

Echo Solar Hybrid is power and advanced technology all wrapped into the ultimate solar system. With an Echo Solar Hybrid system, you'll generate solar electricity as well as solar hot water. Add that to real-time performance monitoring and premium upgrades like our sleek Roof Integrated Array, and you'll have it all.

Generate your own electricity plus heating and cooling...

SunEdison MEMC-F260KMC-38/600V Solar Electric Panels
SunEdison Solar Thermal Panels
High Performance Inverter
Solar Water Heating
Solar Home Heating
New Homes Only
Solar Home Cooling
New Homes Only
Fresh Air Ventilation
New Homes Only

Monitor and control your solar system...

SunEdison ARM Processor Controller
SunEdison Energy Management App

Upgrade with the options you want...

Remote Thermostat Control
Roof Integrated Array

And get total peace of mind...

Performance Guaranteed*
Free Repairs and Maintenance*

* For leased systems during the term of the lease

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Make it even better with these premium upgrades

New Home Upgrades

Get even more from your solar system with our optional solar home heating, solar home cooling, and fresh air ventilation options. Available exclusively with new home installations, these upgrades provide added savings and comfort.

Remote Thermostat Control

Take the effciency of your system one step further with Remote Thermostat Control* and maximize your energy savings from anywhere in the world!

Roof Integrated Array

Preserve the beauty, safety and longevity of your home with our patented Class A** Roof Integrated Array.

* Remote thermostat control option includes a communicating wall mounted thermostat.
** "Class A" refers to the fire resistance rating of the system as per UL standard 790.

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